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Hey, you wouldn't happen to know where the American Misfits casting calls are? Or if they passed?..

Hey! I hope this isn’t too late of a reply. I scour the internet almost daily for news about this, and so far I haven’t come across any sources with casting call information.

Do any followers happen to have any information?

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Tonight’s episode was heavy. I wont give away spoilers, but if anyone needs to let off some steam, our ask box is open. 

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Episode 3 thoughts- I LOVED this episode. What's interesting to me is not how Rudy 3 perceived and pursued his intimacy with Jess, but also how she responded to it. Who psychopathic murders choose as their victims actually says a lot about the victims and the fact that she didn't run away but slowly was drawn in up to a point makes me more interested in her character. Also, really liked Rudy & PW interactions. So far, Finn is just a twat and we're playing on Curtis' biggest weakness again, women

I really love this answer! Very good observations about Rudy 3’s mentality and how murderers work.

Wish they would stop throwing Curtis women to become intrigued by and do something new with his character. He’s just wasting away that way and Nathan’s character has so much more potential to it.

Also, so much agreement to the Finn statement.

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Episode 3 thoughts (spoilers ahoy)



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